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Edtopia distributes interactive education in front of digital content.

Through the ed+ extension our powerful adaptive learning platform can be integrated into other developers’ apps, as an added value service or in place of traditional commercial video advertising.

Children can continue their learning in a variety of places benefitting from an AI platform that recognises them wherever they are.

A solution for parents, children and publishers alike…

Edtopia: our background

We are an Oxford University spin out ambitious to help young children learn outside of school. Using artificial intelligence we are pioneering an intelligent tutoring system that can be deployed wherever children are.

Our intelligent tutoring system brings intelligence which draws both from one of the world’s leading mathematicians and from the learning journeys of everyone who engages with it.
of primary school pupils didn't achieve the expected standard in mathematics in 2017
of the adult population have numeracy levels below the equivalent of a GCSE ‘C’ grade

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