Before you delve into our opportunities it’s worth you knowing a little about us. When it comes to jobs a great fit is vital for everyone.

We’re a small (4 FTE) but elite team of seasoned campaigners, with a 5x entrepreneur, an academic co-founder (Professor of Maths, Oxford) and 25+ years Edtech expertise.

We joined together to make a difference. And to be successful. To do more, and to do it better, we need to grow. So we’re on the look out for a diverse pool of talent to join our mission.

Whilst we were conceived in Oxford we’ve moved to being a distributed workforce, with staff working remotely all over the world.

It’s important that new team members reflect our values and culture. Here are six themes that are important to us…

Be Passionate – at our core is a belief that everyone deserves access to a great education. Our deep passion for what we do guides our actions and even if all 6 of our lottery balls landed we’d still be here.

Hustle Everyday – we are instinctively entrepreneurial. Whether we are 2 people or 200, we bring that scrappy, resourceful attitude to everything we do.

No Egos Allowed – we are a family and act like one at all times. No one is too important to not just take out the rubbish but stand in the wheelie bin to make a bit of extra room.

Got Your Back – we recognise that good colleagues are the best perk a company can offer. We strive to build a diverse and incredible team of superstars.

Stay Curious. Be Brave – more often than not we don’t have the answers. But we are wedded to using our curiosity to find solutions and being brave to experiment. We figure it out.

Together As One – we get back what we put in. We share each moment of success and every setback… and always with a smile.

Still reading?! Okay – here are our current vacancies…